The Stress of Moving

It is impossible to do anything large. Move across the country? Impossible. Change careers? Ludicrous. Finish a large project? Just doesn’t happen. We often get trapped into our goals and what we want. We think about what will happen once we’ve moved or once we’ve changed careers or after we’ve finished that large project. But […]

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How a Little Anger Can Save You A Lot

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Anger sounds like the last thing you want or need right now. After this last year, isn’t there already enough? Hasn’t there been enough damage? Yes, of course. I’m not talking about that anger. But that’s the anger everyone thinks about isn’t it. Anger is losing your cool. It’s being […]

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KM Photo Studio

Opting Out with Cait Flanders

Today on the podcast I’m joined by return guest, Cait Flanders! I adored my first conversation with Cait in 2018 when we talked about her book Year of Less, minimalism, and our shared experience being adult children of divorce. Around that time, Cait was about to be heading off on extended travels. Those travels led […]

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Jessyka Hagen

Spilling The Mylk with Jessyka Hagen

Today on the podcast I’m joined by mental health advocate, mama, blogger, influencer and podcaster, Jessyka Hagen. I was first introduced to Jessyka through her Instagram, Milkstains and Meltdowns (now Spilled Mylk). Jess is real, vulnerable, and shares the hard things in life. In this episode, Jessyka and I talk about what it’s like living […]

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Move More. Stress Less.

Welcome to November, a new month in the Stress Less Habits Challenge. If you’re already signed up, then you know that this month our goal is to move our bodies for 30 minutes every single day. I can hear so many of you already saying how you don’t have time, or you think that this […]

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