11 Blogs I Love

I love blogs. I’m biased, I know. For a few years I’ve started following a variety of blogs to keep me inspired in travel, writing and general life. That said, there’s always room for more. Here’s the deal. I’ll share some of my favourite blogs with you… if you promise to comment below and tell me what blogs you adore and why.

blogs I love




Young Adventuress

blogs i love

Photo Credit: Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson is the Young Adventuress, a famous travel blogger who made her mark living and working in Spain, then moved to New Zealand to hike what seems like every mountain possible. Her photos are incredible, her wit is sharp and I love that she does an annual round-up of the best hate comments that she gets all year. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is definitely a source of travel inspiration.

Hecktic Travels

blogs I love

Photo Credit: Hecktic Travels

These two are from my home province! Dalene and Pete Heck have been traveling the world for almost five years now (I think it’s five… my memory sucks), housesitting their way to global adventures. Pete is an extraordinary photographer, and Dalene’s writing is heartfelt and honest, which can be hard to find on many blogs. They visit both the well traveled routes and the off-the-beaten path ones, managing to find something unique in every destination. It’s because of them that the Faroe Islands are now on my travel list.

Traveling Canucks

blogs i love

Photo Credit: Traveling Canucks

I am fairly new to the Traveling Canucks, but I love that their site has given me faith that I can travel and be a parent at the same time. Their lists of what to pack for travel with kids under one is well bookmarked, and I’ve already gotten a few things sitting in the nursery, ready for my April 2013 trip. They make the most of their travel time outside of their 9-5 jobs and it’s a true inspiration.

That Backpacker

blogs I love

Photo Credit: That Backpacker

Another Canadian! Audrey was one of the bloggers that I found when searching for things to do in Southeast Asia. There are a HUGE number of bloggers out there posting about SEA, but it was something about That Backpacker and Audrey’s love of food that I totally connected with.


blogs I love

Photo Credit: Angloitalian

Dale and Franca are just plain cool. They’re slow, vegan travellers sharing their love of food and housesitting along the way. I had the opportunity to do a blogging consulting session with Dale about a month ago and it was definitely an inspiration. I now have a long to-do list to get my blog where I’d like it to be, and with the baby on the way that list will be slow-moving, but I’ll get there.



The Chic Site

blogs I love

Photo Credit: The Chic Site

Is it weird that I want to be friends with Rachel Hollis? What I love about this woman is that she is honest and open about every part of her life, be it good or bad. Her Momfessions make me feel like I’ll be able to make it as a parent. Her recipes look to DIE FOR  and I’m going to slowly make my way through them… all of them. Her book nerdiness makes me smile and I love that she gets a little crazy once a month and shares videos of herself dancing like the awesome-ly crazy person that she is.

Mike’s Bloggity Blog

blogs I love

Photo Credit: Mike’s Bloggity Blog

If you’re from Calgary, you’ve probably heard of Mike’s Bloggity Blog, a.k.a. Mike Morrison. If you’re not a Calgarian, this blog may be a little less relevant for you, but Canadians will enjoy. Mike blogs about travel, entertainment news and is generally just hilarious on Twitter. Mike was kind enough to spend almost two hours with me back in January to give me some blogging advice. Again, I’m slowly working through his advice, but his dedication to blogging has inspired me to keep going.

IHeart Organizing

Blogs I Love

Photo Credit: IHeart Organizing

My maternal nesting has kicked in and all I want from life is to organize every inch of my household. Enter Jen from IHeart Organizing. She will get you in ship-shape! I adore her home, her creativity and how she can give you those “ah-ha” moments that you didn’t know you could have, just by finding a unique way to organize your household chaos. I Heart Jen!

Young House Love

Blogs I Love

Photo Credit: Young House Love

Okay, I’m pretty new to this site, but it gives the secret DIY-er inside of me a thrill! Look at all the projects – sigh. Young House Love chronicles the lives of Sherry and John and they have updated something like three houses? Considering we’re looking at buying our first home next year, I am definitely pinning and bookmarking MANY a project.

Oh She Glows

blogs I love

Photo Credit: Oh She Glows

I love Angela Liddon. Am I a vegan? No. Do I love good food? Yes. Ergo… I love Angela Liddon. Oh She Glows is home to hundreds of plant-based food recipes that even meat eaters will love. We bought the cookbook last year, and she has hands-down the best recipe for black bean burgers that I’ve ever had. Even David adores her food, and the man loves to eat meat. I also love that Angela has shared her pregnancy and baby progress, inspiring me even more as I’m officially half way to baby today!

Joy the Baker

Blogs I Love

Photo Credit: Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker is going to make me fat, but it will be worth every calorie. Her recipes, both sweet and savoury are scrumptious, and her caramelized mushroom and onion biscuits make me smile with happiness… hmmm, must go bake biscuits. It’s because of Joy that I discovered that in a pinch, you can make brown sugar from white sugar by adding molasses. Seriously, this woman is smart, sassy and bakes a damn good cake.

What blogs are you reading? Share your favourites in the comments below. I can always add more great blogs to my reading list!

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2 Responses to 11 Blogs I Love

  1. Cam August 28, 2015 at 9:35 am #

    Hey! Thanks for including us in your round up. Nice way to start my day 🙂

    • Victoria Smith August 28, 2015 at 10:38 am #

      Not at all! I love your blog so much! I’ve even bought the baby travel bed for my soon-to-be-born kid. First adventure is in April 2016 when the baby is 4 months. Your blog makes me feel like I can do it.

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