20 Experiments To Try in 2020

Welcome to the New Year, to a new decade. I know many of you are likely in throes of post-holiday blues and are battling with resolutions and perhaps are already struggling with willpower – because willpower is the problem with all goals, isn’t it?

20 experiments to try in 2020

In fact, willpower has very little to do with achieving your goals, and I’ll explain why. For our coaching episodes this month I’m going to talk about a twist on resolutions and goal setting, and next time we’ll really hone in on how you can make habits stick.

Research shows that only 8% of people who make resolutions are successful in achieving them. Why is that?

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There are a few reasons why resolutions or any goal we set doesn’t come to fruition.

  • We try to do too much too fast
  • We’re too vague
  • We’re too specific (yep, ironic given the previous reason)
  • It’s not aligned with your values
  • You aren’t accountable to anyone besides yourself
  • You don’t enjoy the process

There are probably more reasons why we fail. Which is why in 2020 I am NOT setting resolutions. I’m going based on my coaching experience with my clients and so what I’m proposing for both you and myself in 2020 is to make it a year of experiments.

Here’s the thing – we’re not all going to react to goals in the same way. Say 2020 is the year you want to improve your health – the factors that create the biggest impact will be different for me compared to you. Maybe I really need to focus on emotional well being while you simply (or not so simply) need more dang sleep in your life.

I often find with my clients that the goal that they come to me with changes around the six week mark. Once they get into the groove of self-reflection, of investing in self-care, and in analyzing what works for them, they find that the goal they originally set usually had an outside influence to it.

But what is the new goal? If they’re not clear on it, then I encourage experimentation. In fact, I always encourage experimentation whether they have clarity or not.

Here’s the thing, you don’t know until you try. The key is that not only do you need to try new things, but you need to reflect on them.

Say I start drinking two litres of water tomorrow when I’ve been drinking half of that. Well, tomorrow will be one heck of an experience and it might make me want to quit right away. BUT if I experiment, slowly ramp up my water intake, set a time period that I’ll try this for, identify obstacles in my way and proactively deal with them, and finally I assess whether I benefited from the change, only then do I really know if it was a fit.

So, if you’re on board for a year of alignment and clarity, then I hope you’ll join me in these 20 experiments.

NOW, I know you’ll hear 20 experiments and many of you will want to tackle a number of them in January. DO NOT DO THIS. If you try and take on more than two from the get go, your likelihood of failure is high. Remember earlier how I said that that we bail when things get too tough? Don’t do it to yourself. 12 months and 20 experiments means eight months of two experiments per month and four months of only one experiment that month.

YOU and only you are going to set the pace for these experiments. To make it easier I’ve created a downloadable tracker where you can set the timeline, make it achievable and reflect on what did or did not work for you. Download the 2020 Experiment Guide here.

I hope you give these a try. I guarantee they will help you stress less, increase your energy and boost your joy!


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