Girl Tries Baby: 27 Weeks – Body Image

Hi baby,

Oh man are you ever starting to move! I’m feeling elbows and rolling and all sorts of weird/creepy feelings inside my body. I mean… you’re not creepy, you’re amazing… amazingly creepy.

I love you!

27 weeks pregnant

Anyways, one of the things that’s been on Mommy’s mind a lot this week has been body image. I really believe that when you’re fixated on something, the universe brings more and more examples of it to your attention. For a few weeks now, I’ve been stressing about my weight. Am I putting on too much, but it doesn’t feel like too much, but I feel huge, the scale is scaring me, and on and on and on.

Ultimately, what I want is to keep you as healthy as I can, while having the odd bit of chocolate to keep me sane. So, why then, am I so fixated on the number on the scale?

Here’s the thing. Whether you end up being a boy or a girl, I’m sorry to say that you’re going to enter a world that is rife with body image issues. This is probably more visible for girls than for boys, but in no way do boys get to escape society’s image of what “beautiful” means.

Having been 70lbs heavier from 2006-2008, I’ve seen both sides of the weight spectrum. I’ve been categorized as both obese and as healthy. But you know what… being on one side of the scale doesn’t necessarily make you happier than on the other. Being 70lbs lighter didn’t mean that I obsessed any less about what I put into my body, that I weighed myself less often or that I didn’t look in the mirror and feel bad about my body.

Which is crazy, right?

Yes and no. I think it just goes to show that so much about our “body” issues is happening in our minds. Weight loss, or blonde hair or defined abs aren’t what make you happy. You have to make yourself happy. If I were a size 2, but starved myself and spent no time socializing, would I be deemed happy? Absolutely not.

Here’s what I want for you, and what I will try my best to model for you.

It’s About How You Feel, Not How You Look

Your body will know if it’s well fed or not. If I’ve gorged on pizza and cake, my body doesn’t thank me for it afterwards. Does that mean I don’t occasionally  (or daily in small ways) indulge? Of course not. It just means that the best indicator for health is in how you feel, not in how you look. Skinny people can be incredible unhealthy also.

Do you have energy? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel good more often than not? That’s the goal! How do you get there? It’s totally different for everyone, and I hope to help you find your way.

Do I plan to raise you with healthy eating habits? I hope so, though I know that will be hard for me. I’m still on the road to figuring out healthy eating and how to avoid binging, but you’re a pretty big motivator for getting it right.

Feel your way to health. Don’t look for it in the mirror.

The Value in People is in Their Hearts, Not Their Waistlines

We as a society are so quick to judge individuals by the way they look. Many people equate excess weight to a lack of self-control or laziness. This is rarely the case. We each have our burden to bear, and we each deal with it differently. Is it obvious from the outside if someone is a smoker, or a gambling addict or does drugs? Not always. Weight, on the other hand, is that burden that you physically carry around with you and that others can see immediately.

Does it make someone have less value than another? Absolutely not. I want you to look beyond someone’s skin and evaluate them instead on how they treat both you and others.

It’s the people that give of themselves, their time, their spirit that are worth having in your lives. What they look like is irrelevant.

Embrace All That Your Body Can Do

In 2006, even though I was 70 lbs overweight, I backpacked around the world. I visited Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, all with that extra weight on my body. Was it scary and intimidating? Yes. Absolutely. Were there times that I felt less than, especially compared with my teeny tiny traveling companions? Sure.

But I did it.

I made sure not to miss out on all the incredible sights around the world, just because I was a little bit bigger.

That’s what I want for you. No matter what your body issues, though I hope you get to escape them entirely, I want you to know that you can still achieve your dreams. There may be more obstacles, they might seem more difficult, but you can do it!

Your body is an incredible tool. Use it in every way you can, as the Sunscreen Song goes. Personally, I know no better way to get in touch with my body than in playing some music and having a dance party for one!

Who knows what the world will be like when you’re a young teen. I only hope that your Dad and I can raise you with a strong enough sense of self that you can embrace your body for all that it can do and value others for all that they are inside.


Mum x

Fast Facts:

  • You are the size of a rutabaga (I had to look that one up… can’t say as I’ve ever eaten one)
  • We did the gestational diabetes test this week. Still waiting on the results, but you DID NOT like it. Jumping around like a jelly bean and I didn’t like it either! Felt sick all day and had to nap and go to bed early. Blech. It was like drinking 5 espressos then crashing epically.
  •  You adore Katy Perry’s song Firework and danced about while I played it. We actually watched you kicking from the outside as the belly waved and rolled. Super cute.

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4 Responses to Girl Tries Baby: 27 Weeks – Body Image

  1. diana September 20, 2015 at 9:53 am #

    Great post!!

  2. Irma September 21, 2015 at 9:05 am #

    What a lucky baby. BTW, I can’t remember how long I’ve known you, but I never remember thinking you were overweight. Just that you were and are a loving, genuine and fun person. 🙂

  3. Nicole September 21, 2015 at 2:51 pm #

    Rutabagas are delicious. Like a turnip but sweeter. British peeps call it a ‘swede’ so maybe you know it as that? I recommend making ‘swedes and carrots’ which is a Potter christmas dinner staple (mashed up carrots and rutabaga with butter, salt and pepper, and cream. Suuuuuuper delicious. If Ben is cooking, sometimes this also includes nutmeg or other spices).

    Anyways, A+++++ post. Such an important part of parenting, I’m glad you and David are giving it the extra time and attention and brain space for the rutabaga <3

    • Victoria Smith September 22, 2015 at 9:26 pm #

      Interesting… never had it before. Will have to give it a go. To me, a “swede” is someone from Sweden. That is all.

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