Baby J is Five Months Old!

Dear Jack,

What a month you’ve had. Teething, sleep regression, growth spurts, you name it! Nobody ever said it was easy being a baby. Come to think of it, nobody ever said that it was easy being a mommy either.

five months oldNow that we’re home from our big trip, I’ve noticed that you get bored much more easily. It makes sense. I mean, for an entire month you must have been constantly stimulated. Every time you woke up from a nap you were in a new place. Sea air kept you healthy and refreshed. We hiked almost every day, so your scenery was ever changing.

Coming home? Well, there are so many tasks to get done around the house, including putting your bedroom together, that I’m afraid you’re over it. We walk every day, but you and I both know it’s just not as exciting as it could be. I’ll work on that.

This month you’ve visited the Calgary Zoo for the first time ever, watching penguins zip and zoom through the water, cheeky devils that they are. We’ve taken you to your first Big Book Sale and bought you over 40 books to add to your collection. Top of my list were books by Robert Munsch. Story time with you is one of my favourite times of day.

five month old

Vaccinations were not so much fun for either of us. The first time we went, your Dad came along and held you while they poked you with needles. This time you and I were on our own and I might have cried when you screeched at not one but three needles being jabbed into your chunky thighs. Just a little crying, mind you.

Okay… I may have cried a lot. Needles suck!

My favourite new thing that you do is blowing bubbles or just blowing your lips together so they make a “bzzzzzz” noise. You’re close to giggling, but not quite there yet. You aren’t yet sitting up, but you like when I sit you up and support you. You’re learning to love your Bumbo and the Exersaucer, which is a huge relief for me. Now Mommy can actually wash the dishes and your bottles without you throwing a massive grump. You seem to enjoy watching me work!

Other new things? We did our first water aerobics class with the birth and babies group. I had no idea whether you’d be in an itty bitty lifejacket or what, but turns out you get your own baby boat. You seemed to enjoy it for the first thirty minutes, then you began to lose it, so we left early. That said, 30/45 minutes is still a win in my books. We’ll build you up to it.

five months old

During your fifth month we celebrated Mother’s Day! Pretty cool, huh? You ‘gave’ me a card *cough cough, good job Dad*, and you and your Dad cheered me on while I did the Mother’s Day 5k. Okay, so it was more of a walk than a run, but I tried. I hope to make it a family tradition.

Five months feels like a big achievement for your Mom. Not just the whole keeping you alive thing. I mean, that’s important, too, but I feel like I’m slowly finding my groove with you. Sleep deprivation is still a killer for me, but I can function most days with a vat of coffee, and we carry on. I cry a lot less (thanks, medication!), my heart is so full when you smile at me, and I’m starting to get an idea of what you want, when you want it. Only took five months, ha ha.

I love you, baby boy, and I’m excited for what’s ahead. We’re getting close to the stages of crawling, solid food and the sweet smell of baby sunscreen! Just… don’t grow up too fast. You’re freaking adorable as you are.

Much love,

Mum x

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