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quit work to travel

Why I Wouldn’t Quit Work to Travel Full-Time

I’ve been devouring travel blogs for years, long before these bloggers were massively popular. I remember waiting in line to meet Robin Esrock, the Modern Gonzo, at the University of Alberta to learn ANYTHING that he had to say. I attended an event with Ian Wright and hung on every word he said, every illustration […]

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Angkor Wat at sunrise

Angkor Wat at Sunrise: Worth It?

I am not an early riser. Well, that’s not strictly true. Back home I wake up at 5:30 daily for work and don’t complain about it (Starbucks fuels me), but when traveling, I like my sleep. So, when the alarm went off at 4:30 and I’d only slept for two hours thanks to random tummy […]

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Life Under the Khmer Rouge

Life Under the Khmer Rouge

During our time in Cambodia, we met a man who shared the story of his life under the Khmer Rouge. For the purposes of this post, and for his privacy, let’s call him Tet. Tet grew up in a somewhat affluent lifestyle in Phnom Penh. His father was a military man on the opposing side […]

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Merry Christmas from the Smiths!

Happy holidays folks! This is just the quickest of posts to say that we hope that wherever you are in the world, that you’re enjoying the holiday season with friends, family and great food. For David and I? Well, we’ve pre-scheduled this post, but we’re *currently* on the island of Koh Rong, Cambodia, enjoying the […]

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Photo Credit: Mikhail Koninin

And… we’re off!

It’s official! Today’s the day that the hubby and I jet off to Southeast Asia for 2.5 months! We’re ridiculously excited, if a little nervous. We’ve got a route planned, we have some things booked, but we’ve also left some flexibility to discover what isn’t in the guidebooks. (more…)

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