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A Year On: My Leave of Absence, Was It Worth It?

Tomorrow marks one year since David and I packed our bags (carry-on only!) for three months of adventure in Southeast Asia. It marks the start of a leave of absence to travel, something that many of my friends and family said would be impossible to do. People take leaves of absence to study, or time […]

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overweight traveler

5 Reasons to be an Overweight Traveler

This past weekend I wrote a post to my baby about body image and how it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything. It was an extremely personal post, mainly because I’ve struggled so much with body image over the years. As I was growing up, I didn’t have a healthy concept of eating. Eating was […]

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travel costs leave of absence

How Much Does a Three Month Leave of Absence Cost?

As I wrap up a month of travel costs for each Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I think it’s important for anyone planning a leave of absence to realize that there are other costs. I’m going to lay out the TOTAL costs for three months on the road. No hidden pennies to be found. Why are […]

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Outlander TV locations

Outlander TV Locations Tour

Apparently it’s Outlander Week on Girl Tries Life. Diana Gabaldon kindly sat down with me in October, so we’ve broken her interview into two parts. Part I focused on her writing process, how she collaborates with her son, and what she’s learned about herself as a writer. On Friday, we’ll have Part II where she […]

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Iconic Photo Tours Edinburgh

An Iconic Photo Tour of Edinburgh

Having lived in Scotland on and off over a period of three years, I’ve visited Edinburgh countless times. I’ve done the ghost tours, visited Mary King’s Close (a favourite), experienced the castle fireworks of Hogmanay and eaten (cringe) a deep-fried Mars Bar. In a way, I thought I’d done Edinburgh. It wasn’t until I saw […]

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