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overweight traveler

5 Reasons to be an Overweight Traveler

This past weekend I wrote a post to my baby about body image and how it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything. It was an extremely personal post, mainly because I’ve struggled so much with body image over the years. As I was growing up, I didn’t have a healthy concept of eating. Eating was […]

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things to do in victoria

48 Hours in Victoria, B.C.

Are you one of those people who finds that their vacation days are dwindling towards year end because you just couldn’t stop yourself from taking the spring vacation? Yeah… me too. That’s how I end up taking a lot of long weekends in the last quarter of the year. A long weekend in San Francisco […]

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maximize business travel

How to Maximize Business Travel Opportunities

I heard the best term the other day: bleisure. Business and leisure equals bleisure. Okay, my autocorrect is going to drive me nuts, but go with me for a second here. When I was young my Dad would travel all around the world to places like Greenland, Russia, Norway, the UK and more. He’d come […]

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My Love Letter to Calgary

In honour of Canada Day, I thought I’d take the time to recognize the city that I’ve come to love. Even though Calgary is my hometown, I remember being seventeen, leaving high school and not imagining that I’d ever be back. Europe, I thought. Toronto. Montreal. Basically, anywhere but here. When I was younger, it […]

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