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10th Street Bridge

Alberta Floods – A Reflection

I know that today is meant to be the weekend writer post, but in good conscience I have to postpone that post and reflect a little bit on the Alberta Floods of 2013. This time last year, I was at an after-work event on Stephen Avenue. We were getting more and more reports through on […]

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100 Blog Followers!

Hi everyone, Yes, you’ve already gotten your Travel Tuesday update for today, but today’s article led to me reaching 100 blog followers! I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who follows Girl Tries Life. It’s incredibly gratifying to have triple digits of people tuning in twice a week to see what I […]

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A Writer Since Childhood

I’m going off my blogging schedule – I know, but I HAD to share these frightful discoveries with you. Whenever I read author bios, for the most part they talk about how they’ve been writing since they were children. I never really connected to that, only remembering one story that I wrote as a kid, Deakin […]

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If you haven’t yet seen this video, please take a couple of minutes to watch it now. It shows the change in the life of Lakeisha Shurn (@lovethyself365) who commits to go to the gym for 100 days straight. Now, let’s just think about that for a second. 100 days. In a row. Regardless of […]

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Adventures into Show Don’t Tell – Part 1

I’ve officially finished my first novel. That’s great! It’s exciting. But then… then comes the first kick-me-in-the-face round of edits. I’ve been lucky enough to have some phenomenal beta readers including a critique group, friends and my mother, a fellow writer. Ultimately, everyone seems to like the story – or so they’re telling me – […]

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The two books that I’m in the process of writing are set on the fictitious Scottish Isle of Rathnarr. First off, I’d like to give true credit to all writers up there that make up fictitious names of places. It was hard! I had a moment where I thought I’d come up with the most […]

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