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The two books that I’m in the process of writing are set on the fictitious Scottish Isle of Rathnarr. First off, I’d like to give true credit to all writers up there that make up fictitious names of places. It was hard! I had a moment where I thought I’d come up with the most […]

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2013 in Review

As I consider what my 2014 resolutions will be, I ask myself if resolutions are really worthwhile? I mean, I feel like I aim for the same things every year. Good health. Do x, y and z. Achieve a, b and c. Sometimes I achieve them, or check the box. Sometimes I don’t. But when […]

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Welcome to the Blogosphere

Welcome to the Blogosphere

It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff, considering the dive. Is the water cold? Are there rocks? Wait a second… it’s been a long time since I’ve last been swimming. Will I remember how to do it? I mean, I like writing. I like journaling. I even like sharing my stories of success, […]

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