Do you ever get ahead of yourself?

Yes, I know, I’m only meant to post twice a week, but this topic has been nagging at me and I want to know what you think… now! (I was never one for patience or the long game).

About a week ago I had coffee with a fellow aspiring writer. For a good chunk of the conversation we talked about who we’d like to be published with, where we could see our books sold, what our pen names would be, and I was imagining which bloggers I’d like to approach when I decide to do a blog tour.

Have I mentioned that I’m still editing my book? I mean, it’s “complete”, but it’s going through yet another round of edits, and only two people have read the previous version start to finish.

So, I ask you, do you get ahead of yourself in the writing world also? Do you daydream about what your book covers will look like, what your reviews might be, and what your first encounter with a fan will be like? Am I in this alone?

I imagine that most people do, and I imagine that it’s normal, but do you think it holds us back a bit? Do you think that maybe it puts the time and effort into the ‘what if’ rather than what’s on the page? Or does it depend on the person.

Just a few questions I’ve been toying with lately…

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