Editing While Traveling – A Frustrating Achievement

Do you know… before I left for my three month leave of absence, I worked by BUTT off to get edits done on my book. On paper, I finished 2/3 of my book (the third edit, I might add). And then, push came to shove, things got super stressful and it was the one thing that had to get bumped. Did those edits on my beautiful paper manuscript make it onto my Mac? Did they heck.

So, I was faced with the, ahem, joy of redoing over 140 pages of edits and adding another 100 that were never completed pre-trip. Do you know how long it takes me to edit 20 pages of manuscript? An hour. Now, maybe I’m a slow editor, but I didn’t really relish the thought of 10-14 hours of editing while on the trip of a lifetime.

BUT… I hate not achieving a goal and I DID promise it to beta readers before I left. Guilt and frustration niggled at me.

So, what does editing while traveling look like? It looks like sincere dedication to carving out an hour every day to get the pages done. It wasn’t always fun, it didn’t always happened, but I tried to tell myself that if I could just do ten pages a day, it might turn into more. Bit by bit, I would chip away at the mother trucker. I mean… lovely, fantastic, going to change the world book. Ahem.

In the end it took me a month. I’m happy to say that I’ve completed my edits. Holy heck! It was definitely a major challenge. David and I would come back to the hotel each day for an hour or two break. What did David do? Snooze. The annoying, I mean… lovely husband… got to sleep off the midday heat while I toiled away either at blog posts that needed to be scheduled or at my book which needed to be editing. I edited in the hotel room, in cafes, at airports and on a mini van. Sometimes it was the last thing that I wanted to do… but I did it.

So glad that it’s done. So glad that it’s on it’s way to beta readers.

What about you, fellow writers? Have you ever had to edit (or write!) while on the road? What was your experience like?

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