Baby J is EIGHT Months Old

Dear Jack,

This eighth month has gone by in a blur. To be more precise, YOU have been a blur. Yep, it’s true, you’ve started crawling. Where I could once put you down on the living room carpet and go make a cup of coffee, return, and you’d be in the same spot… this is no longer our reality. The thing you love to crawl towards more than anything? Cables. Electrical cables, cords, all the things that parents round the world fear their child latching onto with their itty bitty teeth, these are what you gravitate towards.

eight months

Baby proof, say the books. Explain to me how you baby proof when multiple rooms in your house do not have overhead lighting, ergo your lamps have to be plugged in somewhere? My options, therefore, are that we either live in the dark, I light the house with candles (another no-no), or we just have to do our best to keep you from the cables that you love so much. Currently the cable safeguard are laundry baskets. The fact that they’re full of laundry yet to be put away, makes them heavier as barricades… is my excuse.

This has also been the month of teething. Your top two teeth have been pushing through and man alive is it a long, grinding process. I’m grateful that you won’t remember the pain of teething, but let’s just say I’ve had a gin and tonic or two to soothe my nerves after days of screaming.

eight months

I’m so conscious of the fact that we’re heading into the last third of our year together. While I have so many projects that need done around the house, I want to make sure that you and I get plenty of special time together each week. Realistically you’ll remember none of it, but it’s important to me. I’ll only have one baby once, so I want to make strong memories, for myself, I suppose.

eight months

Today we went walking at Glenmore Reservoir. Typically I like to listen to a podcast, get in my steps, get some fresh air for you and possibly hit up the Safeway on the way back. But today, today was magic. I put away the headphones and just strolled, smelled the fresh air and felt the wind on my face. It occurred to me that this is how you experience our walks. No other distractions, just the pure love for nature. Perhaps I’ll take a leaf out of your book more often.

Another mommy milestone? Today is also the first day I have taken a shower while you napped. Lest ye think I haven’t showered in months, I normally wait until your Dad is home from work so that if you cry, he can tend to you. I’ve been so nervous to shower on my own with you at home in case you wail halfway through, but today, we bit the bullet, and you slept the whole way through. Thanks for that!

eight months

My favourite thing to do with you, lately, is to make you giggle. We lay you down on the floor and I blow raspberries on your belly and jiggle your tummy with my nose. You let out the BEST laughs. They make my heart sing, so much so that I wish I could bottle up that feeling forever. Thank god for iPhones and video cameras.

Finally, I’ve also realized this month the importance of self-care. So many times I wanted, or felt like I had to, do everything for you. I felt that I was the only one who could do it all right, which actually led to massive burnout. I’ve been lucky enough this month to get one day a week to myself. Mostly I’m running errands, but last week I took the afternoon to write with a friend. I felt so recharged and energized and that I had much more to offer you. In prioritizing myself, it’s actually been hugely beneficial for you and our relationship.

You’re getting more interesting every day, so here’s to the next month of discoveries.


Mum x

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