To The New Daddy In My Life

They say that behind every great man is a great woman.

Well, behind this great woman is a pheno-MAN-al man. Get it? Hehehe.

But seriously, six months ago and beyond I kept saying to David, day after day, “Can you believe we’re going to be parents?” I think I asked the question with both fear and excitement so many times that David was getting sick of it. Yes, he could believe it logically. My ever-growing belly was proof. No, it was hard to believe that he and I would figure out how to wrestle with this great new adventure.

glamping on arran yurts

Here’s the thing, watching David become a father has made me fall more in love with him.

When he comes in the door from work, Jack looks at him, he smiles at Jack and they just beam at each other… there’s no better feeling than watching your kid reach out his arms for his Daddy.

David deserves serious credit in my life. He’s been so supportive along my motherhood journey, and is definitely a proper partner in parenting. When I’ve been exhausted, he’s sent me to bed. If I’ve had zero energy to do the dishes, he’s done them without complaint. I often wake up and he’s tidied the house or I come home and he’s sanded the dresser that I’ve been meaning to get to for weeks. When he gets to finish work early, he calls to tell me to go to a movie I’ve been dying to go to for ages. He’s that kinda guy.

Now, some will say that this is what all fathers and husbands should be like. They probably should. But I’m lucky enough that mine is.

First family hike to Grassi Lakes

So, Happy First Father’s Day to my partner in crime. Thank you for all that you do to make our kid a happy one. Whether it’s bathing him, feeding him, or playing endless games of peekaboo, you’re one in a million and I’m glad you’re ours.

Much love,

Victoria and Jack x



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