Our Favourite Children’s Books

Okay folks, this is a totally off the cuff and unplanned post. But… today, Jack and I went to the CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale. It’s a huge fundraiser for an early literacy organization that sells previously loved books. Well, we bought books. LOTS of books! We’ve been reading to Jack since day one. After recycling the same books again and again, I needed some new material. I thought I’d share some of our favourites that we’ve read together, some of my favourites, and then I’m hoping to find out some of YOUR favourites in the comments below. It’s funny, but the book sale today made me realize just how many kids books there are out there that I’ve never heard of before.

We must remedy this.

favourite children's books

We’ll start with some of the ones that I’ve enjoyed reading to Jack.

favourite children's books

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

Growing up we never had Dr. Seuss books in the house. I’m from a Scottish family, and I typically think of Dr. Seuss in North America only. Obviously that’s no longer the case. I had no idea how fun all the books would be to read, how lyrical they’d be. He loves this one!

favourite children's books

Tabby McTat by Julia Donaldson

Basically ANYTHING by Julia Donaldson is a joy to read. Again, lyrical. This is the woman that brought us The Gruffalo, another favourite, but Tabby McTat was a nice new discovery. It’s about a busker and his cat who become separated. While they’re both sad to be apart, Tabby McTat finds in some ways he enjoys his new life, but he finds a new friend for the busker.

favourite children's books

Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertole

I love the message behind this book. I’d never previously read it, so am really glad a colleague gifted it to Jack. It’s basically about how we’re better together, with our friends, than we are if we go it alone.

favourite children's books

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

A true story about a pair of gay penguins from Central Park Zoo! I love that it will show Jack that love is love, plain and simple. Big thanks to Nicole for this discovery. Gorgeous illustrations as well.

Now for some of my favourites that I can’t wait for Jack to enjoy (beyond the pictures and my voice!).

favourite children's books

Babar the Elephant by Jean De Brunhoff

loved Babar as a kid. Babar always seemed to have such a good heart, taking care of his family and his kingdom of elephant friends. Who doesn’t love an elephant king?

favourite children's books

Angela’s Airplane by Robert Munsch

Put it this way, I love reading anything by Robert Munsch. The best thing, if you’re able to, is to listen to Robert Munsch tell the stories himself! You can find him reading his stories on his website or on iTunes. Angela’s Airplane is one that you need to hear to appreciate it fully. This kid just loves pushing buttons, which leads her to new heights…

favourite children's books

The Secret Island by Enid Blyton

This book lit up my imagination as a child. It’s about three children and their friend who are very unhappy with how their guardians treat them. So… they run away, or rather they row away, to an island in the middle of a lake. They bring all the supplies they need to make shelter, grow food, etc. I remember making my own lists, as a kid, of what I’d bring with me if I were to ever run away. Another favourite is the Valley of Adventure by Enid Blyton. Honestly, the woman could write a children’s book!

Honestly, I could go on and on, but these are definitely up there with my favourites.


Please share some of your favourite children’s books in the comments below. I need to find new material for Jack!

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