The Stress of Moving

It is impossible to do anything large. Move across the country? Impossible. Change careers? Ludicrous. Finish a large project? Just doesn’t happen. We often get trapped into our goals and what we want. We think about what will happen once we’ve moved or once we’ve changed careers or after we’ve finished that large project. But […]

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Jessyka Hagen

Spilling The Mylk with Jessyka Hagen

Today on the podcast I’m joined by mental health advocate, mama, blogger, influencer and podcaster, Jessyka Hagen. I was first introduced to Jessyka through her Instagram, Milkstains and Meltdowns (now Spilled Mylk). Jess is real, vulnerable, and shares the hard things in life. In this episode, Jessyka and I talk about what it’s like living […]

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