If you haven’t yet seen this video, please take a couple of minutes to watch it now. It shows the change in the life of Lakeisha Shurn (@lovethyself365) who commits to go to the gym for 100 days straight.

Now, let’s just think about that for a second. 100 days. In a row. Regardless of mood, weather, work or personal circumstances. Now that is commitment.

I finished this video inspired, not necessarily to hit the gym (although I plan to do more of that) but to evaluate what things in my life I give 100% commitment to. To me, 100% commitment doesn’t mean that I live and breathe these goals, but that I spend time and energy to get what it is that I’m dreaming for.

If we all took a leaf out of this gal’s book, imagine what we could achieve. Imagine the difference it could make in our spirits. In just 100 days Lakeisha Shurn found love in herself and that is no small feat.

Whether you want to lose weight, go back to school, become a travel writer or spend more time with your friends and family, to reach any of these goals or dreams, it comes down to commitment.

What are you willing to #GiveIt100 for?

P.S. As I’ve discovered since my initial post of this – #GiveIt100 and the video are separate entities, but their message is the pretty similar. Regardless, @lovethyself365 (Lakeisha Shurn) has found a way to inspire hundreds of thousands, including me.

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  1. dianacranstoun January 14, 2014 at 1:02 am #

    Very inspiring!!

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