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I used to be so incredibly overwhelmed. I worked 60 hour weeks, my husband lived in another country, I was battling depression, the to-do list seemed never ending… you name it. Chronic stress was my way of life, and like so many people I knew, I accepted it as normal.

Are you doing the same? Are you overwhelmed? Stressed out? Fatigued? Lacking energy? Finding you don’t have time for the things you enjoy?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Stress comes in many forms. Be it the stress of your job, relationship, health, juggling kids, or more (or all combined!), I can support you in creating empowering strategies and systems that will help you significantly decrease your stress. After all, how can we achieve our goals and live vibrant lives if we’re weighed down by stress?

I’m offering a 12 week program that will both support and challenge you. What change can you expect at the end of 12 weeks?

  • Significantly decreased stress levels
  • Empowering strategies to tackle future stress (it’s inevitable)
  • An action plan for creating vibrant experiences in your life
  • Feel more calm, relaxed, even energized

I really wasn’t sure about using a life coach in the beginning but I have made drastic changes in my life in three very short months. Changes that I have been wanting to, hoping to, needing to make for years. My health has improved and will continue to improve because of Victoria. She would say that I was the one that did the work, but I would not have gotten to where I have without Victoria’s guidance and support in a few areas of my life including health, diet, exercise, and personal goals. Victoria was extremely patient in the beginning when I was unsure if I could make the changes I needed to, and she also pushed me out of my comfort zone when I needed it most. I wouldn’t have made the progress I have without Victoria’s genuine encouragement from the sidelines along the way. I feel like I am set up for success going forward. Thank you.

-Julie S.

Get instant access to coaching now! Check out my coaching episodes on the Girl Tries Life podcast, or schedule a free 60-minute stress reduction strategy session that is guaranteed to provide you with valuable insight.

Schedule a session by using this calendar.

I worked with Victoria through a 90 day program at a point of transition in my life. She helped me find the root of my goals for the next phase of my life and aim toward what I really wanted to achieve.

During our program, I had a close family member hospitalized. Beyond working on my goals, Victoria helped me continue to take time to care for myself even when I didn’t think I could. Her guidance and support enabled me to come out of the situation a stronger and more dedicated person.

 – Kate L.
Victoria has helped me open my eyes to what I really needed and wanted without pushing her views or just giving me advice, She allowed me to come to my own vision at my own time, but with her knowledge and expertise it flowed seamlessly. No matter what attitude I came to the weekly sessions with, I always left motivated and inspired and in a way better mood then maybe I went in with. She is so supportive, professional and has amazing recommendations for resources! If you think you may be interested in having Victoria in your life as your coach, don’t wait any longer- We only have one of these lives and she has genuinely helped me realize my potential and now I am so excited to see what I can accomplish in this lifetime- Thank you for taking me on as your client,I feel truly honoured!
– Amy M.

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