How a Little Anger Can Save You A Lot

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Anger sounds like the last thing you want or need right now. After this last year, isn’t there already enough? Hasn’t there been enough damage? Yes, of course. I’m not talking about that anger.

But that’s the anger everyone thinks about isn’t it. Anger is losing your cool. It’s being wrong. Angry is messy and ugly and silencing. Do you listen to angry people, shouting in your face?

That’s where anger can lead but it’s not where it starts. It’s a spark, like anything else, that comes from you reaching toward the life you want and getting pushed back. The world should be one way, should be better, should be fairer, but it isn’t. And just then, a little bit of anger.

Anger is a fire and a small contained candle can keep you warm through the winter nights instead of letting it run wild and burning you along with everything else it sees. Anger is propulsive. It gets us moving. It pushes us out of our comfort zone.

What gives you that spark? What do you see in your world that you would like to change? Get angry. Feel the heat. Then move forward. Use the heat until the movement itself warms you.

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