Just Like Family: Kate Hilton Doesn’t Disappoint

Long-time followers of the blog might remember a very early post where I interviewed Kate Hilton over Skype to talk about her first book, The Hole in the Middle. I’m slightly freaked out to link to the initial post because I was SUCH a baby blogger, but here you go (not even a photo!). See how we’ve grown?!

Anywho, back to the point. I was so honoured to receive an advance reader copy of Kate’s new book Just Like Family courtesy of Harper Collins.

just like family kate hilton

Let me tell you… Kate doesn’t disappoint.
What I love about her writing is that it’s modern and grown up. It’s exactly the kind of writing that resonates with me at this stage in my life. It’s not about finding the perfect guy or falling in love, but about grown up relationships and all the complications that come along with that.

Avery Graham is working as chief of staff for Toronto mayor, Peter Haines. She’s been in a relationship with Matt for over 14 years. When he proposes, it throws her into a bit of emotional chaos. It has her reflecting on an early, failed marriage, the hardships she’s gone through to find a direction in her career, and the grief of losing a pivotal family member.

Hilton tells the story (much like The Hole in the Middle) through a sprinkling of flashbacks. You see her early days with both Peter and Matt, and it has you questioning which relationship is right for her.

The other key characters are her childhood friends, Jenny and Tara. Again, complications ensue around what changes when you grow up, find different passions, and have different family and relational experiences.

just like family kate hilton

I loved this book so much, and it has me desperately wanting to rent a cottage on a lake in Ontario… one day. Lucky for me I’m currently in the Okanagan valley, though it still doesn’t quite compare to my fairytale vision of Ontario lake life!

My one complaint, and it’s a minor one, is that in naming the mayor Peter, I couldn’t get the image of Chris Noth from The Good Wife out of my head. That’s it! Didn’t I say it was a tiny issue?

Ultimately I can’t wait to see what Hilton comes up with next. She’s witty, bright and weaves flashbacks in like a pro. To top it off, I know from following her on social that she wrote this while going through a very difficult time in her life. While there is serious subject matter, she continues to tell a good story.
She’s an author who will be on my shelf for years to come.

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