Life Lessons From Frozen 2

If you don’t have small humans in your life, you may or may not have seen Frozen 2. Here’s the thing, as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I kept thinking to myself that these are great life lessons for children.

And then I realized… these are still great life lessons for adults in this movie. In fact, many of them are things that I talk to my coaching clients about, and so it felt only fitting to do a podcast episode on the life lessons from Frozen 2.


Full disclaimer, there are spoilers ahead. If you plan to see the movie, I’d simply click the plus sign in your podcast app and add this episode for later. If you have seen it… listen/read away!

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Not Everything Is As It Appears

The history of Arendelle and the Enchanted Forests is NOT what it seems to have been. We all have two sides to a story, and then there is the truth. The only way that we can get to the truth is when we have an open mind and when we actually dig for the information.

This is a great life lesson for children and adults alike. In this age of getting our news from social media, it’s easy to read the headline and assume that is the whole story – it almost never is!

The lesson from this? Dig deeper. Don’t make assumptions. Keep an open mind.

Do The Next Right Thing

I speak to a lot of women who are in a state of true overwhelm. They don’t know what to do next, they don’t know how to take charge of their life or their relationship to stress.

You know what? These big questions ARE stressful. It’s hard to know what the right answer is. And I often say to them, just do the next right thing, so it was incredibly powerful to hear Anna say this in the movie. She’s at her lowest point ever, but when she realizes she doesn’t need to know the outcome, she just needs to take that next step, she’s able to propel herself into action.

I wrote a whole blog post/podcast episode on this very topic this time last year if you’re interested.

Take today for example – I have more on my plate than hours in the day. So what do I do? If I think hard about the list it’s overwhelming. Instead I choose to focus on the next right action (completing this podcast). Maybe for you it’s getting the rest you need, or drinking more water, or having a difficult conversation. The next right thing could be incredibly micro, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful.

I’m Here. What Do You Need?

Oh my sweet Jesus. There is a moment in the film where Hans catches up to Anna. He saves her from disaster, but it’s not about showing how grateful she needs to be. Instead he says the MOST supportive thing a partner can say. I’m here. What do you need?

Mic drop.

Can you imagine if our partners consistently said this to us? Or if we said this consistently to our partners? So often people go into problem solving mode. Have you tried this? Why not do it this way? I know a guy…. or whatever. Instead, give the other person some credit that they know what they need and empower them. I’m here. What do you need?

It Won’t Always Make Sense In The Moment

Of course Olaf had to have another catchy tune. “When I’m Older” has Olaf singing about how all the crazy things happening to him, the monsters in the forest, the things that scare him, how they’ll all make sense when he’s older.

What I felt it was truly getting to was that when you look back on your life, those moments of fear and struggle, they’re often your greatest teachers. When I went through crippling depression it was awful in the moment, but I realize now the resiliency and grit that I developed as a result. When I look back on burning out at work, I realize that it was trying to teach me to listen to my gut and my needs, not those of a corporation. When I look back on challenges in my marriage, I realize the patience and grace we need to give ourselves and our partners in times of stress (a.k.a. raising small children or otherwise).

The lessons often arise when we have the time and space to get aware of what has happened in our lives. Or… when we’re older.

You’re Stronger Than You Know

Show Yourself is such an incredible song. It starts off with Elsa asking the magic to show itself, to find out what happened, and in the end it’s about Elsa realizing that the power was within her all this time.

And I know this to be true when I work with my coaching clients. “You are the one you’ve been waiting for all of your life,” as the song goes. Other people can support you, but the strongest answers come from inside when we give ourselves the space and empowerment to do so.

I’m always blown away (though not at all surprised) by the grit my clients come to me with. I’m not about getting you from A to Z. I ask the right questions so that you can unlock the answers yourself. Being told the answer, or someone else’s version of your next right step, that rarely provides a value-driven outcome.

So, if you haven’t seen Frozen 2, I highly recommend you check it out. As an adult I took so much away from it, the music is awesome, the lesson are powerful. I’ll be watching it again.

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2 Responses to Life Lessons From Frozen 2

  1. Lynn Ross December 16, 2019 at 4:12 pm #

    Think I might just treat myself to Frozen 2. I’m sure my teenage granddaughters can be persuaded to watch it again with me.

    Thank you for this. Merry Christmas and all the best for New Year to you and your wee family. Lynn

    • Victoria Smith January 1, 2020 at 8:50 am #

      Aw! Yes, Frozen 2 is fantastic. Merry Christmas and thank you for the gorgeous e-card!

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