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I hope you’re all doing well on this fabulous Friday and getting ready for the weekend ahead.

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Today is more of an announcement post. I know I’ve done this before, but I actually think I’ve finally cracked my vision for this blog (she says… we’ll see how this goes!). While I love travel and writing about… well… writing, I have so many other interests and passions.

So, Girl Tries Life is officially transitioning to a lifestyle blog.

I’m probably doing this all wrong. People say ‘go niche’ and that focused blogs are where it’s at. I’ve tried that, I originally started thinking this would be solely a travel and writing blog, but there are so many things I’m dying to share.

I’m excited, so I really hope that you are, too. I can’t wait to share my adventures in travel, DIY, cooking, baking, gardening, fitness, motherhood, reading, writing and so much more with you all.

I’m trying to focus on my ‘why’, as Simon Sinek would say. Why do I continue blogging? Regardless of stats, post popularity or what have you, I get such a kick out of sharing something that helps someone else. I love hearing from readers that they’re booking travel because of one of my posts, or because they related to my honesty about pregnancy, for example.

This blog is a place for like-minded folks to try as much as they can in life. Some things we’ll rock at, some we’ll laugh at the hilarious mishaps, but together we’re sharing our love for life.

Can’t wait to have you along on the ride.

Also, if you have any ideas or things you’d like to see me try, comment below! Girl Tries…*

*Keep it clean, people!*


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