Love Music, Will Travel

I have officially traveled to destinations both near and far in order to take in a concert. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. As a Calgarian, for many years the big-name bands would go to either Edmonton or to Vancouver. Calgary was not on the list. When I lived in the UK, Carl Barat (one of my husband’s favourite artists at the time) was playing in Berlin. In all of these cases, we decided to make the trips.

Luckily this year, the line up for X-Fest, Calgary’s alternative music festival, was phenomenal. I’d never been to X-Fest in the past, but let me tell you I’ll be going again. The best kind of line up for a festival is when you get to both revel in your favourite bands and discover new ones. For me, The Mowgli’s are a new favourite.

My boozy, blurry pic of Carl Barat in Berlin

My boozy, blurry pic of Carl Barat in Berlin

But… back to the travel part of this post. As if we all didn’t need another reason to travel, music can be a great way of combining two incredible experiences. If you find that one of your favourite bands is either not visiting your town, or that you’re going to miss out on the date, look down the list to see where else they’re playing. Are any of those places on your must-travel-to list? If so, and if you can afford it, my vote is for combining them.

My advice for music in new locales?

  • Charge your phone and have international SIM cards. Nothing worse than losing your friends/significant others in the crowd.
  • Print your e-ticket before you go. Unless you’re confident the venue will be able to scan tickets (hint – smaller venues often can’t), then I suggest that you print your ticket before leaving home. Getting a printer in a hotel is often doable, but can be a considerable pain in the ass.
  • Google Map your venue. When my husband and I saw Carl Barat in Berlin, the venue was definitely off the tourist trail. This was great for discovering a new part of town, but if we hadn’t printed a map, we’d have been hooped
  • Guard your drink. Yes, I sound like your mother, but no point ruining a trip because you got drugged! Cover your damn drink.
  • Plan for jet lag. I once went to a concert 24 hours after arriving in the UK… from Canada. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the night, and wished that I’d planned for another buffer day.

Have any of you ever traveled for a concert? How far would you travel for your favourite band?

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2 Responses to Love Music, Will Travel

  1. dianacranstoun September 2, 2014 at 8:59 am #

    I travelled to Berlin once to, to see Runrig. Fabulous concert, fabulous city!

  2. dianacranstoun September 2, 2014 at 8:59 am #

    too!!! (spelling) LOL

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