The Metaphor/Simile Challenge

Smooth as silk.

Rough like sandpaper.

A blanket of snow.

Under the curtain of night.


We’ve all read these similes and metaphors before. Heck, I’m sure that most of us have even written them. I often find that in the moment of writing fiction I am so absorbed by the characters and the conflict that I write sub-par, really average metaphors and similes thinking that I’ll come back to it later with mass amounts of inspiration.

Do I come back to it? Sometimes. Sometimes not so much.

Recently I’ve had to fortune to catch up on my to-be-read list and I’ve been blow away by the creative, on-point metaphors and similes that these authors come up with. Majorly impressed!

I started to wonder how I could recreate the same high quality details for my own novels. I’ve decided to give myself a little writing challenge. This idea is simply that I will keep a notebook in my purse. I’m going to challenge myself to come up with two new metaphors or similes a day. In a month I should have a mass of new material to start weaving into my novels and if I continue the challenge it could fuel many novels to come. I’ll keep you posted.

What about you, fellow writers? How do you keep your metaphors and similes fresh? Are you just naturally gifted, or does it take some serious creative, brain-power?

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