Goal Setting – Micro or Macro?

Apparently I was on something at the start of the month when I decided it was a good idea to move apartments, train for a half marathon and participate in Camp NaNoWriMo all at the same time. Smart, hey?

Have you set a goal? Perhaps word count, like NaNoWriMo will inspire you.

Have you set a goal? Perhaps word count, like NaNoWriMo will inspire you.

It’s got me thinking about goal setting. Whether I’m running for an hour or writing two thousand words in a sprint session, I’m most productive when I break my larger, macro, goals into smaller, more achievable pieces. Micro goals, like running to the next set of traffic lights, or participating in a NaNo Word Sprint are what add up to sizeable improvements for me.

In terms of macro goals, I have a lot of them. However, they seem to change a whole heck of a lot. I start thinking one day that I want an agent soon and to be published next year. Then I think that I want to wait it out, write all three books in my series, then find an agent, and if that fails self publish the series. Ultimately publication, whether traditional or self published, is the goal, but the details of the larger goal change frequently.

I usually categorize myself as a procrastinator, often working overtime days before a project is due or writing furiously the night before a blog post is due (not today! Look at me writing a week in advance!). But, thanks to micro goal setting I’m seeing major improvement in the consistency of both my running and my writing. It got me caught up yesterday where I thought I was behind for the rest of Camp.

So, how do you set your goals?

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3 Responses to Goal Setting – Micro or Macro?

  1. Sarah Kades April 26, 2014 at 5:46 pm #

    Great post! I’m a pantser, and more than just my writing style. I have to be wary of that “ooh shiny” syndrome, too. I’m working on identifying my most effective goal achievement style…I’m good to go with identifying goals, it is the methodical completing of steps when life keeps rolling that I’m working on. Write on. And happy weekend! 😉

  2. katelarking April 26, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

    I don’t like imposing goals. Hence why I don’t really write out a plan for, say, the next year or five. But I like focusing on my 2k a day, 2-3 runs a week, and miscellaneous job hunting. I like to work in long stretches so I found what works best for me is to average my week to measure success because no day can be wholly balanced.

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