My Love Letter to Scotland

With the Scottish referendum happening this week, I thought there was no better Travel Tuesday post to do than a love letter to one of my favourite countries in the world – Scotland. Depending on how long you’ve followed my blog, you know that I’ve spent a LOT of time in Scotland, working there on and off for some 2-3 years after high school. The Isle of Arran is a second home, Edinburgh is where some of my extended family live, I’ve visited Glasgow many-a-time and the Isle of Mull is home to my parents-in-law.

Glen Cloy - Isle of Arran

Glen Cloy – Isle of Arran

So, besides the awesome Scottish husband that I have, here are some of the reasons why I love Scotland.

The people. I find Scottish people (I’m being a major generalist here) to be both blunt and friendly. It’s a good combo. You know where you stand with them, but they’re not stand-offish either. I’ve also never laughed more than with my Scottish friends.

Glen Rosa - Isle of Arran

Glen Rosa – Isle of Arran

The scenery. Having worked on the Isle of Arran for two years, as well as completing a semester of high school there, I know that the scenery is unbelievable. I would love setting up the patio furniture at the hotel I worked at, if only so I could spend an extra five minutes looking at the glorious view of Glen Cloy.

Haggis. Canadians call me crazy, but haggis is DELICIOUS! I get that if you’re a vegan/vegetarian, this isn’t so appealing. Even the meat eaters I know find this unappetizing, but with Scottish parents I tried this before I knew the precise ingredients. Only way to try it! Think of it as sausage meat with spices and oatmeal. Om nom nom.

The spirit. If you look at their history, the Scots are a people with a very strong spirit. They’re fighters for what they believe in. They’re resourceful. They have pride and loyalty. You could say this about many cultures, true, but there is something special about the Scots.

Photo Credit: rjshade Flickr

Photo Credit: rjshade Flickr

The vibrancy. There is always something going on in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Never a dull moment, never a reason to be bored. The streets team with energy that is infectious.

No matter what happens on September 18th, I know that Scotland will be fine. I also know that all the things that I love most about Scotland, they’re not going to change.

I love you, Scotland. I’ll be back soon.

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2 Responses to My Love Letter to Scotland

  1. Sarah Kades September 16, 2014 at 9:45 am #

    Lovely post!! Scotland has a very special place in my heart and I will always be grateful for this incredible nation and her extraordinary people. Bright Blessings during this important time.

  2. dianacranstoun September 16, 2014 at 12:04 pm #

    Great post about the best ‘small’ country in the world!

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