My Novels

I am currently seeking an agent.

Girl Tries Life

Kate sneezed. She sneezed in Paul’s face. She sneezed in his face during their first kiss. Yeah, she didn’t get that second date callback. Not only is Kate romantically humiliated, but Kate is fired from her job at an ad agency after her supervisor takes credit for her work. Shocked and distraught, Kate decides to escape, finding a job at a hotel on the remote Scottish island of Rathnarr. There she meets the sexy hotel general manager, Duncan, whose first piece of advice to Kate is to keep her private life private. Everyone on this island knows everything about everyone.

When Duncan discovers Kate’s talent for design, he enlists her help in his bid to save the hotel from going out of business. Will they save the hotel in time? And will Kate finally learn to stick up for herself or will she stick to the tried and true escape route?

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