NYC: Foodie Finds

I like food. No, I love food. I remember backpacking once with people that bought the cheap baguettes and peanut butter claiming “I can eat like a king for two euros!”

Excuse me, but bread and peanut butter is NOT eating like a king. And let’s be honest, how is food not a vital part of the travel experience? It’s an experience. You’re meant to use all your senses, including taste.

I didn’t have a single bad meal in NYC. It’s not like we planned out all the restaurants that we’d visit, either. We happened along quite a few things by accident, but were not disappointed in the least. Here were some foodie highlights:

Veniero’s Italian Bakery

NYC foodie
NYC foodie

Cannoli, cheesecake, cookies and every type of pastry you can imagine. I was in heaven! Veniero’s can be found in the East Village. I may have gone back more than once to try something new. Diana Cranstoun provided a full run down of the deliciousness. The line ups can get long, so you can either choose to take your treats to stay or to go. Whatever you do, make sure you leave with something! I suggest going with friends, getting multiple desserts and sharing. Waste not, want not.

Cloister Cafe 

NYC foodie

Cloister Cafe

We happened upon the Cloister Cafe by complete accident. We didn’t even check out the menu before deciding it was for us. The outdoor cafe with romantic vines, fairy lights and old brick walls were enticing enough. Turns out, this place is actually a hookah bar, but you don’t need to take part if you don’t want to. The menu is delicious, and I definitely indulged in the gorgonzola tortellini. Apologies for the lack of food photo – I was too overcome by the need for gorgonzola in my belly. They even make a mean virgin cocktail (for those of us who weren’t allowed to drink – sad face). Again, this can be found in the East Village.

Bleecker Street Pizza

NYC foodie

The Nonna Maria

I was on a  mission to find me some authentic NYC pizza. A friend who is a local took me to his favourite, Bleecker Street Pizza. I highly recommend the Nonna Maria. It’s simple, but astounding all the same time. Homemade sauce, fresh basil and tantalizing mozzarella. The thin crust is a signature of New York pizza, so if you’re inhaling a deep dish somewhere else, think again. The walls are lined with photos of celebrities who have visited this famous pizzeria. You know you’re in good company when Ron Pearlman has vouched for the pizza.

Cafe Orlin

NYC foodie NYC foodie

In case you can’t tell yet, we were staying in the East Village, so it tended to be where we’d end up for dinner. Cafe Orlin, literally beneath our apartment, was delightful. You can go indoors for the romantic date night atmosphere, or sit out on the street and enjoy the bustle of a Friday night. Apparently you can see SNL stars here for Sunday Brunch, according to an NYC guidebook, but methinks that following the publishing of this guidebook, that probably stops. Besides, since most SNL folks became movie stars, are there any more SNL “stars”?

Le Train Bleu

NYC foodie

The green… train bleue

NYC foodie

Look, after a day of walking, sight seeing and shopping, sometimes you just want lunch at the nearest location. Bloomingdale’s Le Train Bleu didn’t disappoint. If you’re a jerk customer like me, you might have asked the waiter why the “blue train” was green. Simple explanation. The outside of the train was blue. Huh. Good to know. This recreated dining car brings diners high quality food at a really reasonable cost. My Louisiana crab cakes were delightful, and, while not pictured, I loved the extra touch of wrapping a lemon halve in yellow cheesecloth to keep the pits from ending up in my cakes.

There were so many more delightful food experiences, but these are a sampling. Anyone else have some top recommendations?

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  1. Sarah Kades June 10, 2014 at 6:10 pm #

    Celebrating great food with great company…one of my favorite things. Great post!

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