Toxic Relationships, Living Intuitively and Stressing Less with Amy Mitchell

This week on the podcast we’re joined by my friend, my business partner, and all-around incredible woman, Amy Mitchell.

Amy and I met during our training at the Health Coach Institute. Purely by luck and time zone coordination, we teamed up as each other’s practice clients for our certification. That 12 weeks with one another was transformative – at least I’ll speak for myself.

Amy Mitchell

Where Amy and I each started and where we ended in those 12 weeks was incredible. People who had been strangers only three months prior then became so close, so supportive of one another… and we had an idea about working together. This is where Stress Less in 90 Days was born, my friends.

Now, Amy has her own company, Natural High Health Coaching, but we’ve partnered to help women significantly reduce their stress so that they can better enjoy their daily lives. We truly believe that stress is at the root of most of our issues, so if we can help you on the path to LASTING stress reduction, then our mission will be achieved.

Amy has a fascinating history as to how and why she became a coach, but most importantly she shares her experience of removing herself from a toxic relationship. We talk about that incredibly brave decision, how she did it, and how she healed herself afterwards.

I want to commend Amy for being so open and vulnerable about the experience. I have no doubts that she’ll help many listeners.

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Okay folks, so some real exciting news! As we mentioned in the episode, if you register for Stress Less in 90 Days by June 30th, you’re going to get some incredible goodies including:

  • a Summer of Self Care package in the mail
  • early access to the Foundation Week material, which includes: a nighttime yoga routine, a recipe guide, a 12 week meal plan, and a sleep hygiene video
  • an audio track with 5 strategies to significantly reduce your stress
  • special thank you’s from Amy and myself

These goodies are SO worth it. And we’ve priced these programs so that everyone can have the benefit of coaching. The self-led program is the streamlined version, and it’s perfect for people who are good at being accountable to themselves. The group coaching program which launches Sept 21 is our favourite. You get access to a private Facebook group, you get multiple group coaching calls to tackle your personal challenges with stress, and more!

So, again, if you register by June 30th, 2019 you’re going to get access to those goodies which will not be available if you register after that date. You’ll have to wait until August for the self-led content or until September 21 for the group program. So really… make your summer less stressful and register now!

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