Developing Your Abundance Mindset

In a world of “not enough” in every aspect of our lives, I want today to be all about how lifting others up gives YOU enough.

You may have heard the term abundance mindset, but do you actually know what it means or how to cultivate it?

If you have an abundance mindset, you truly believe that there are enough resources and success to be shared in your community. The opposite of that is a scarcity mindset.

abundance mindset

Let’s take a real simple example – I’m a health coach. If I were coming at my business from a scarcity mindset I’d say, oh man, there are hundreds, nay thousands of health coaches in the world. I should give up now. There isn’t space for me.

Instead, I can say, yes, there are thousands of health coaches out there. But none of them is me. None of them have my exact lived experience, skills or mindset. We are all different, and so there is a place for my unique combination of skills and personality.

Now, that can be easier to do as an exercise than it is to practice in real life – so many things are.

Let me first tell you why it’s important to develop an abundance mindset.

  • You will feel more focused
  • You will feel less stressed
  • You will feel less overwhelmed
  • You’ll have courage to commit to your path
  • You’ll be more grateful for what you have
  • You’ll be a better friend, lover, coworker, leader…

It’s easy to feel like you’ve hacked an abundance mindset when things are going well. Your business is on fire, you are knocking through your to-do list, you are in a great relationship, you name it.

It’s much harder when things are going south.

So, if you’re in that place right now of not enough resources (money, time, support) or skills (feelings of worthiness or inadequacy in some area of your life), here are some ways to develop this mindset.

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A Gratitude List

I can hear the groans! Victoria, you’ve said this before. Yes, yes I have, because it works, research has been done on this, and you’ll feel it work right away. So I’m not going to go on and on about this. If you can make gratitude a daily practice, awesome. But at the very least, when you’re feeling low, I want you to pull this tool out of your toolbox and write a list of 10 things to be grateful for.

What Went Well (This Week, Today, etc.)

This slight variation of the gratitude list is how I start every coaching session (bar your initial one – in case you’re like, hey, we didn’t do that!).

We are so used to talking about what isn’t working, what’s going wrong, what challenges we’re facing. I want you to train yourself to start your moments of reflection with what is going well in your life, your work, relationship, etc.

In my experience, people discount their progress unless it feels big. What happens when you do that is that you push the milestone for “success” further and further away. I want you to take charge of this.

So, here’s how it could work. Take this past week for me. I was laid off from my day job. It sucked. It wasn’t part of my plan. And yet… here’s what went well last week.

I reached out to many organizations and have three workshops booked on stress reduction. I have multiple coaching calls booked for this week. I have reached out for support in areas of my business where I need a guiding hand (cough, cough, Quickbooks). I landed a TV segment to talk about stress reduction! I was approached to be featured in a Medium article on Mompreneurs and to be featured on a Woman a Day YYC Instagram page.

Holy smokes. Yes, I was laid off. Yes, it sucked. BUT… when I take stock of all the things that went well, and I recognize that many of them happened because I took action, well that just puts it all into perspective.

Take Action

On that note, I listened to a great podcast interview with Stephanie Pollock this week where she talked about how one of our issues, particularly as women, is that we overthink EVERYTHING.

Feel familiar?

Her advice? Just take action. Less thinking, more doing. And it’s SO TRUE. I have clients talk to me about how big tasks or work projects overwhelm them, and then I ask if they can just do one little piece of them today, immediately. And they say yes. And when they do it, they feel better. They feel more confident because they’ve proven to themselves, in a simple small act, that they have the ability to move forward.

Baby steps, my friends.

Stop Comparing

If you are feeling overwhelmed by where you’re at compared to someone else, REMEMBER that you don’t know how long their journey is. I remember hearing somewhere that the people we deem as overnight successes, on average it took them 8 years to get where they are today.

8 years!

So when I’m having a moment where I feel I’m not far enough along, like I’ll never get my share of the pie, I remind myself that I’m on year one of my business. I can worry about where I’m at compared to someone else in 7 years. Until then, take action and move forward.

The tangible way to do this? Unfollow accounts on social media that make you feel bad. Or at least mute them until you’re back in the right mindset.

Celebrate Those Around You

There is enough space for all of us. I think we worry about lifting up other women, because as a society we’ve been told for so long that there isn’t space for more than ‘x’ number of women.

You and I know that was a concept developed to keep us women small. And let’s refuse to be small.

So, to end off this post, I’m going to list off as many bad ass women that I can who are rocking their respective passions, because they deserve to be celebrated:

Stephanie Pollock – Leadership Coach, Podcaster, Future Author – Stephanie Pollock Inc

Mandy Balak – Community Creator, Media Mogul – The Ace Class, It’s Date Night

Mariya Podeyko – Making our Homes Beautiful at AM Cleaning

Kristen Dyck – Helping ambitious women achieve their goals through Avro Creative

Hannah Cree – Providing people with a living wage, helping them transition out of homelessness, and inspiring entrepreneurs with CMNGD and ATBx.

Karen Unland – Bringing together a community, uplifting us all in the process at the Alberta Podcast Network.

Amy Mitchell – Helping women get rid of toxicity in their lives and being vulnerable and open in the process at Natural High Health Coaching.

To ALL my podcast guests (too many to name, but you can click here to find them), you have inspired me, my listeners, and you’re creating some incredible things in this world.

My sister-in-law, Tara, for having the courage to be her authentic self.

My Mom, for taking on this next chapter and embracing adventure along the way.

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