Why Personal Brands Aren’t Just for Influencers with Kristen Dyck

Today on the podcast I’m so pleased to be joined by entrepreneur, phenomenal mama bear, and personal brand strategist, Kristen Dyck. Full disclosure, Kristen actually worked with me on developing my personal brand. Before working with Kristen, I really struggled with answering the question, “what do you do?”

What did I do? I was a writer, a podcaster, a mom, a nonprofit employee, a life coach and so many things.

Now what do I say to people? I help women reduce their stress so that they can actually enjoy their daily lives.

Because that’s what all of those areas come down to. Even as a mom, when I talk to other moms I’m conscious of how I can help them feel like they’re not alone. It all ties together, so big thanks to Kristen for helping me figure that out (and way more than just that statement).

Kristen Dyck

Now, if you’re thinking that you’re not an influencer or an entrepreneur, therefore personal branding doesn’t apply to you – think again. Kristen shares her own story of how she was working her butt off in a large organization, but despite being qualified she was passed over for a promotion. Why? Nobody knew who she was or what she did.

This is where the personal brand comes in for the average person. So if you’re in a similar spot, if you feel like nobody knows the impact of your work, that you’re passed over for promotions, or that you struggle to communicate your value, this episode is a must-listen.

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Books that Kristen Recommends

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Big thanks to Kristen for joining the Girl Tries Life podcast. If you want to work with Kristen (and I personally LOVED my experience), you can find her at Avro Creative.

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