Stress Less About Debt with Nicole Olsen

This week on the podcast it’s a bit of a twist! We’re doing a coaching episode, but it’s a coaching interview. Because here’s the thing, I’m not, nor will I ever be, an expert in all things.

Many of my clients really struggle with the stress of financial worries, credit debt, student loan debt and the strain of job loss at the top of that financial worry. And so I brought in the big guns this week! Today we’re joined by Nicole Olsen, an Insolvency Administrator with BNA Debt Solutions.

I ask ALL the things. We talk about what to do when you lose a job, how to manage student loan debt, what to do if you’re up to your eyeballs in credit card debt and see no way out of it, etc.

Nicole Olsen

Nicole sheds light on the consequences of bankruptcy and how it’s not the end of the world, but she also discusses some great alternatives. Finally, Nicole has provided us with some really great resources (linked below) to give you some tangible tools.

Now, for my non-Canadian listeners, it sounds like there are similar programs in other countries, but under different names. My main takeaway that applies to any listener – talk to an expert. When you’re in it, it can be incredibly stressful and you can’t see the light. But when you talk to an expert they will help you find the path to get out of debt, and it IS possible.

Huge thank you to Nicole for sharing her wisdom. AND… if you’d like to have her back on the podcast to talk about other financial worries, send me your questions. You can comment below or message me on Instagram @stresslessladies

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