Rewire For Joy with Jessica Janzen

I’ve wanted to interview Jessica Janzen for quite some time, but I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated. Not because Jess isn’t the most welcoming human being you’ve ever met – she is – but because this is a woman on a mission.

If you don’t know her story, Jessica’s life changed dramatically when her son was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at only a few months old. Instead of wallowing in the pain which would be more than understandable, Jess and her family used that pain as rocket fuel to create joy for their son Lewiston, to raise funds for SMA research and to make a decision that their family and their marriage would be rock solid.

Jessica Janzen

Love for Lewiston, their foundation, is about to have it’s million dollar year and you can support them in a number of ways (linked below).

Jess is a freshly minted author and her book, Bring the Joy, is out in May. Presales end April 2nd, so snag a presale in order to get a copy before everyone else! This book tells Jess’s life story, the many times she’s rewired her brain for joy and purpose and overcome numerous challenges.

To be around Jessica is an inspiration, a motivation and I know I finished this call fired up to do more good, build stronger habits and focus on my business with renewed passion.

We talk a bit about how you can bring the joy in simple ways as we navigate COVID-19, the intentional commitment she’s made to her marriage with Hot Ronnie, what life looked like pre-kids, what doesn’t happen in her life so that all the important things can and much more.

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Connect with Jess over on Instagram, on her blog or make sure you don’t miss the pre-sale.

Now, if you want to support Love for Lewiston check out the work at the Foundation as well as the Lewiston Label. My son Jack has one of their sweaters for kids and it’s unbelievably adorable!

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