Podcast Episode 15: 90 Plan to Success

Day 15. So close, guys, so close! How did yesterday’s journalist challenge go for you? I found it moved me to go to the gym, power through some tasks at work, and actually make an effort with tidying around my house (kind of a big deal for someone who is domestically lazy). What did you get up to? Share in the comments below.

Today, however, is all about giving you one mother of a resource! Whatever your goal is, whatever your big idea, project or ambition, today’s tool is the road map that you need to make the next 90 days your most productive yet.

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Here’s the thing – it’s not my resource. I don’t believe in creating something for the sake of it. If someone else has made a phenomenal tool, I plan to promote it. And today’s tool, the PRO Project Plan: A 90 Day Road Map to Make Your Big Idea Happen, comes from soon-to-be guest on the Girl Tries Life podcast.

Stephanie Pollock is a business and leadership coach, podcaster and blogger. Her podcast, Beyond Pro, will give you tools and advice to fire you up for your business idea, and provides valuable insight into¬†leadership for today’s economy.

Stephanie Pollock’s 90 Day Pro Project Plan is my new go-to resource for achieving any goal. She has you think through you goal, not just in terms of the outcomes, but the practicalities. What will you say yes to over the next 90 days? What will you say no to? What resources (human, time, money or tech) do you need to have in place to succeed? She also helps you break down your goal into realistic chunks, timelines and milestones.

She could probably charge for this plan, but you get it for free provided you sign up to her newsletter, and, let me tell you, it’s worth it!

So, your action item for today is to download the plan and start filling it out for whatever your goal is. It doesn’t have to be starting a new business. It could be writing your great novel, a fitness goal, changing jobs, you name it. This plan is relevant for all kinds of goals, so what are you waiting for?

I look forward to catching up with you tomorrow.

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