Podcast Episode 17: Create Your Ideal Environment

Day 17! You guys, this is awesome. We are so close to the finish line for the 21 Days to Kick Start Your Best Life Challenge. My sincere hope is that you’ve come away from this with new tools, new ideas and a bit of a fire under your butt.

Today’s challenge and topic is all about the environment in which you work to achieve your goals.

Welcome to my current disaster

As you can see from this – cough – fabulous photo, my current working environment is FAR from ideal. It’s messy, chaotic and uninspiring. As a result, I end up writing/podcasting from the couch, my bed, the floor, even, but rarely from my desk.

All too often we let ‘our’ space, the space we dedicate to projects, challenges or tasks, become dumping grounds. We don’t prioritize them.

Maybe some of you (most of you) aren’t as messy as I am, but the point of today’s topic is about the importance of creating the ideal environment where you’re inspired, energized, engaged and can do your deep work.

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In this episode we talk about the psychology of a clean space, what different kinds of working spaces can look like, and why it’s important to find a spot just for you.

Thanks to this episode and you gals out there, here’s the ‘after’ photo of my desk.

The sense of calm I experienced with a tidy desk… it inspires me to sit down and write.

I also want to include a few resources on creating your own office space from tiny areas in your home, as I know we’re not all lucky enough to have our own extra room.

My love for I Heart Organizing runs deep, as does my admiration for her closet-turned-office.

6 Pysch Tips for Creating The Ideal Workspace

I’d love to see what YOUR ideal environment looks like, so please head on over to social media and share it using #girltrieslife21 or tagging me @girltrieslife

FINALLY… we have some incredible interviews coming up. Business and leadership coach, Stephanie Pollock. We have authors Steena Holmes and Katy Colins (known in British media as the backpacking Bridget Jones). We have former neurosurgeon turned writer, Swati Chavda, talking about burnout, and SO MUCH MORE.

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Take care and see you tomorrow!

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