Podcast Episode 18: Experimentation Nation

There is something to be said for trying things differently. To testing assumptions. To challenging the status quo.

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There is particularly something to be said for challenging yourself and the way you do things when it comes to achieving your goals and dreams. Today’s episode is all about embracing the art of experimentation, discussing different ways to that, and naturally we finish with your daily challenge.

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Whether in your personal or professional life, if you’ve been doing things the same way for years, I don’t blame you. It’s easier. Science says so. When you don’t try new things or new ways of doing things, your brain gets really good and firing neurons efficiently. If you try something new, your brain actually has to build new connections or build up weaker connections. It’s tough.

BUT… that could lead to more efficiencies, more success, and achieving more of your dreams and goals.

Some of the things I suggest experimenting with include:

  • your diet
  • sleep routine
  • exercise
  • your career
  • volunteer opportunities
  • genre of books you read / music that you listen to
  • productivity tools
  • creative outlets
  • communications methods
  • relationship advice
  • work style

Basically… you can experiment with ANYTHING, and I highly encourage you to do so.

Today’s Challenge

Pick something to experiment with that tests an assumption that you have. Need inspiration? Check out the list above! Share what you get up to on social by tagging me @girltrieslife or using #girltrieslife21 so we can all share in the joy of experimentation.

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Take care and see you tomorrow.


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