Podcast Episode 19: Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

Today’s topic is big. Huge.

Okay… did anyone see my tiny Pretty Woman reference there?




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Today we’re talking about that place that we spend more time in our lives than anywhere else. Work.

Gallup.com research shows that (at the time of recording the podcast) only 32% of U.S. employees consider themselves engaged at work. In the episode itself we talk about what that looks like, but for the show notes, we’re talking action here. What can you do about that, and what challenges am I setting forth for you?

We discuss what to do if you don’t like your job, if you’re disengaged, or if you are struggling to find work to begin with. 

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Today’s Challenge

1. Determine the specifics about your job that you don’t like. Be as objective as possible – I know that can be hard!

2. Identify three things you like about your role. Maybe you like some of your coworkers. Maybe a particular element of your job gets you fired up, but it makes up a small percentage of your overall job.

3. Now that you’ve got those… figure out ways that you can expand them in your role. Show your boss the business case for spending more time doing what you love, increased engagement, how it ties to the business objectives, etc.

4. Take your e-colours test here. The test takes 15 minutes, is free, and results are emailed to you. Remember, the test is designed to help you improve communications, have stronger relationships and work better with your peers. Win-win!

Not so much a challenge, but I did share my two pieces of advice for those who are struggling to find work period. First, talk to people who do the kind of work you want to be doing. Dig deep. Figure out what skill sets they think are crucial, or what advice they have. Maybe through that process you’ll find what your gaps are, or that you don’t even think the job is a good fit for you.

Secondly, volunteer. Develop a skill set while serving the community at large. It adds to your portfolio, getting you that much closer to your dream job.

Thank you for listening, it was a BIG topic and there are so many more avenues we can look at as the podcast progresses.

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Take care.


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