Podcast Episode 3: Outline the Steps

Welcome to Day 3 of 21 Days to Kick Start Your Best Life! First we figured out our why and why our goals were important to us, then we talked about the importance of adding joy to our lives and small ways to do that. Today we are going back into the nitty gritty steps of how to reach our goals.

outline the steps


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If you want to achieve any goal, you can probably try and do it without a road map, but it’ll be that much harder. We work hard enough on a daily basis, so why wouldn’t we take the time to make our lives a little bit easier. Think like a Girl Guide and always be prepared.

Honestly, I recommend that you map out the gaps and outline your steps in the way that resonates most TO YOU. For some people that’s visual, for others it’s an excel spreadsheet.

To give you a sense of what you’re looking for, here is my example – a one pager that I’ve posted above my desk to help me launch the podcast:

I’ve basically grouped everything in themes that made sense to me. From idea to launch, I needed to focus on content, the technology side of things, how to promote the podcast, and underlying each and every stage was life (shocker!). I highlighted tools that I would need along the way, and I’m a visual person, so different colours and little designs made it fun for me. But… notice at the end under ‘launch’ that it says REPEAT. Most of the goals that you’re working towards, will require repetition.

Want to get healthy? You might have a weight, measurement or fitness target in mind, but once you reach that goal, there’s likely maintenance or a new goal in mind, so you’ll be repeating a lot of the same steps, though many of the processes will have become habit.

Life doesn’t go away, so don’t forget about it. When you’re undertaking a big challenge, it’s even more important to be aware of it. When taking on big projects, it can be tempting to reach for the chocolate (I am still guilty of this), but try and focus on eating for fuel and energy, as opposed to for comfort. Make sure you talk with the people in your life about the support you need. Even though you’re likely busier than ever, plan for downtime – your brain and body will need it. And, if you don’t make a plan, it’s hard to make things happen.


Create the road map that resonates with you and (if you’re willing!) share a picture to social. Tag me @girltrieslife and/or use #girltrieslife21 so that the whole community can see how you’re tackling your goals.

Make sure you take the time to think through all the steps. Brainstorm, mind map, free think, whatever helps you to think through all the possibilities, make sure you do that so that you don’t miss a step.

As you work your way towards your goal, things will come up, steps that you didn’t realize existed, and that’s okay – just add them to your plan.

Thank you all for listening. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes so that you don’t miss an episode! I look forward to catching up with you tomorrow, Day 4, where we’ll talk about some words of wisdom from the epic Shonda Rhimes.



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