Emotional Eating and Healing Your Relationship with Food with Isabel Foxen Duke

This week on the podcast we’re joined by Isabel Foxen Duke, a health coach who helps women stop feeling crazy around food. RIGHT?! Here’s the thing, I know so many women who are rocking their careers, their love lives, their hobbies, and yet food can still be a huge trigger for them. I might occasionally (cough cough) be one of them.


isabel foxen duke

Isabel breaks down the difference between emotional eating and binge eating, shares with us a little about her journey with food (for the full story listen to her interview on the Food Psych podcast), breaking free from diet culture, and the tangible things that you can do to begin repairing your relationship to food.

We also chat about how the dreaded BMI is actually a social construct changed in the 90s! Who knew?

Finally, we talk about Isabel’s decision to switch careers from finance to health coaching, what that journey entailed, and the book that changed the way Isabel thinks about the world.

Isabel has an upcoming masterclass on how to Stop Fighting Food, perfect for those who want to finally fix their relationship with food.

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intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating – the book Isabel refers to regarding relearning your biological cues to food.

isabel foxen duke

When Things Fall Apart – the book that changed the way Isabel thinks about the world.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with a friend who you think would also enjoy it! Next time we’re joined by the co-founder of Love Child Organics, Leah Garrard-Cole. We talk about her time on Dragon’s Den, launching her products across North America, and her top tips for entrepreneurs.

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