Intellectual Garbage Bears, The Camino & Unstructured Time with Anita Hofer

Today on the podcast we’re joined by my good friend, Anita Hofer. Anita shares her career journey, her current role in communications and what it means to her, the struggles of modern day parenting and the lessons that she’s focused on teaching her girls.

anita hofer

We also talk about her 40th birthday adventure on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, as well as the program that changed the way that she thinks, what she reads, and how she parents. Finally, we talk about the importance of unstructured time in your life.

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Now, today’s episode is sponsored by Audible. Let me tell you a little story. In 2016, I read 12 books. One a month. That’s it! I love to read, but life as a new mom, going back to work, etc., I was just too busy. Come bedtime, I read five or ten pages then I was OUT! Hence, twelve books.

In 2017, as of today I’ve read 53 books!!! FIFTY THREE! Can you tell I’m excited about that? And it’s entirely down to audiobook and Audible. I can listen on my commute, while out walking, getting the groceries, doing the dishes, you name it. So, if you’re wanting to get more books into your life, but you don’t have the time to commit to traditional books, I highly recommend you download your FREE book with Audible and get a 30-day free trial. It’ll change your reading life, and they have over 180,000 books available to choose from.

Books Anita Loves

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben (also on Audible)

Lost Cat by Caroline Paul

The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill (also on Audible)

Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges

Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) by Carol Tavris and Eliot Aronson (also on Audible)

Don’t Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff (also on Audible)

Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken

I’ve also linked below to the documentary that Anita was referring to called The Journey of Man.

Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot video that Anita discussed:

Huge thanks to Anita for joining us on the podcast. Her life experience reminds me to think differently, question what I think I know, and to value unstructured time, both for myself and for my family.

Next time on the podcast we’re joined by Occupational Therapist, Irma Janzen, where we’ll be talking about starting a small business, developing resiliency, finding the time to laugh and more.

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