Leadership, Partnership and Taking The Leap with Jocelyne Daw

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jocelyne Daw for over six or seven years now. I consider her a mentor and had the opportunity to work with her in my former role in community investment. As a consultant that focuses on how to build community investment portfolios, partnership and branding, Jocelyne has a wealth of experience, but as a human being, I’m always blown away by Jocelyne.

jocelyne daw

When I think of the concept of ‘having it all’, I truly do think of Jocelyne. That’s not to say that it isn’t without hard work – Jocelyne is one of the hardest workers I know – but she’s also one of the few people I know that seems to have a true sense of who they are, what their core values are, and lives them out daily.

In this interview Jocelyne and I talk about what it was like for her to take on a leadership role at such a young age, how she juggled major career moves and motherhood, starting her own consulting firm, what it takes to have a strong, lasting marriage, and finally we talk about her tips for staying organized when you wear so many hats.

This podcast is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB. The other podcast that I mentioned in the intro was The WorkNotWork Show hosted by Terence, and I highly recommend you check it out. We also quickly chatted about the ATB Entrepreneur Centre. 

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I love the story that Jocelyne shares from her music teacher at a young age. If we want to be successful, there is only one person that can make that happen – ourselves.

The book that Jocelyne is loving:

the book of joy

The Book of Joy

If you want to pick this up on audiobook, get your free 30-day Audible Trial here.

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Check out Jocelyne’s books below:

jocelyne daw

Again, so proud to be part of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

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Next time on the podcast we’re going to be joined by THE Chic Geek herself, Kylie Toh talking about women in technology, starting your own non-profit and figuring out your own path in life.

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