Adventures in Postpartum Depression with Courtney Novak

I first heard about Courtney Novak and her podcast, Adventures with Postpartum Depression, through a friend. This friend had been a guest on the podcast, sharing her own experience in the most honest way possible. She encouraged me to do the same. At first I hummed and hawed about it, and then, I reached out to Courtney. After sharing my own experience on her podcast, feeling the relief of telling my story and knowing that the person and people on the other end of the sound waves would understand me, I knew I had to reconnect with Courtney for my own podcast.

courtney novak interview

A year later, here she is, mother of two, podcaster, and most recently the author of her memoir of the same name, Adventures in Postpartum Depression. We talk about her own journey with PPD, experiencing hospitalization, how PPD has changed her as a parent, why the podcast and her in-person meet up groups are so critical, and more.

Courtney is a person that has done some serious self-reflection and the truth bombs that she dropped blew my mind. I had many moments where I forgot that I was interviewing her, and instead was thinking about how her lessons would apply to my own life.

Whether you’ve been through PPD or know someone that has, I highly recommend listening to this episode!

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This podcast is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB. The fellow APN member that I’d like to introduce you to this week is called Walkcast. For more information on ATB’s Arts and Culture Branch, click here.

To listen to my episode on Courtney’s podcast, click here.

Check out Courtney’s memoir below.

Courtney Novak

Adventures with Postpartum Depression by Courtney Novak

If you want a FREE copy for your e-reader, Courtney has kindly provided a link here.

Huge thanks to Courtney for joining us on the podcast.

If you are struggling with your own PPD journey, I highly recommend that you reach out for help. Visit your family doctor and get an appropriate referral, or at a minimum talk to someone. Shame only survives when we keep it to ourselves. You’re worth more than that!


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