Women in Trades, Gender Norms and Minimalism with Dana Francis

I first heard of Dana Francis when she commented on my Instagram. Yes, we’re millennials, that kind of thing happens, okay! Checking out her profile, I could see that she had recently launched her own podcast, CareerPod, where she interviews people in very non-traditional careers. She’s talked to air traffic controllers, radio DJ’s, podcasters and even someone that owns their own recording studio.

As it turns out, Dana herself has been in a non-traditional career, if only from a gender perspective. She’s a woman in the trades! Now, I personally know NO women in the trades, so I was incredibly curious and had all kinds of questions for her!

Dana Francis

Dana has always been a trail blazer when it comes to battling the gender norms. We talk about her time in the Boy Scouts (yes, I said Boy Scouts), what motivated her to go into the trades, her passion for the environment, the birth of her daughter, and how critically important it is to donate blood.

Shoutout right away – if you’ve never donated blood before, check out Canadian Blood Services (or whatever your local equivalent is) to see if you’re eligible to donate. A simple donation could help to save someone’s life – it saved Dana’s.

Finally we talk about the inspiration for CareerPod, her podcast, and where she hopes to go with it. 

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This podcast is a proud member of the Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB. I highly recommend you check out the Modern Manhood Podcast, as Dana has interviewed their host, and for more information on ATB’s hiring efforts, check here

The book that has made a huge impact on Dana:

What Colour Is Your Parachute?

Huge thanks to Dana for joining us on the podcast.

Our next interview will be with Jane Porter, talking about her 59 books, starting a publishing house, and the importance of tenacity.

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One Response to Women in Trades, Gender Norms and Minimalism with Dana Francis

  1. Dezarae May 17, 2018 at 9:24 am #

    I am extremely disappointed in the Canadian blood services the closest clinic location they offer to northern Alberta is Edmonton there so many cities (with hospitals I may add) that are above Edmonton. Therefore they don’t offer blood donation to over half the province (area wise) imagine how many more lives could be helped if they did.

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