Mindful Consumption, Adult Children of Divorce and a Year of Less with Cait Flanders

I’ve been following Cait Flanders’ blog since it was originally named Blonde on a Budget. At that time, she was detailing her experience getting out of $30,000 of consumer debt. Incredibly, she got herself out of debt in fairly short order (and told her readers EXACTLY how she did it), then once debt-free she got into the habit of spending her discretionary income. Then the year long shopping ban came into existence.

Cait Flanders

Cait details the year long experience, and what she learned about her bingeing behaviour, in her memoir The Year of Less. In this interview we talk about what she learned about the why beneath her shopping impulse. We also talk about our shared experiences as adult children of divorce – a topic that I rarely hear discussed and was so glad that Cait was willing to dive into with me.

We also discuss mindful consumption, not just of purchasing things, but in terms of everything we consume: shopping, food, alcohol, Netflix, screen-time, media, etc. We talk about how you can actually shift your behaviours to become a mindful consumer and bring into your life that which adds value.

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cait flanders interview

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders

Indestructible – Allison Fallon

So Good they Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

Huge thank you to Cait for joining us on the podcast!

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