Read Outside Your Genre

I’m about to admit something shameful. For quite a while, I honestly believed that there was no point in reading outside me “preferred” genre.

Breathe, Victoria. Breathe.

Okay, I said it. Wasn’t that awful of me? I know it was. I’m a horrible human being. It’s true though. I thought, hey, there’s a million and one chick lit novels or romances out there. Why waste me time reading other stuff that’s not my bag.

BUT, I’m here to tell you that I’ve learned the errors of my ways. In the past year, I’ve been reading outside of my go-to genre (chick lit) more and more. It started with my writing group. One gal was writing YA fantasy, the other historical, and the other romantic mystery. All three, not my go-to reads. Was I skeptical… yep, but I was in it with the goal of seeing how others would react to my writing also.

Then I read their work. And LOVED it. Like, really loved it. Couldn’t stop reading loved it.

More YA novels followed, then New Adult, some science fiction, some fantasy, some paranormal.

And you know what? Yes, I know the proverbial¬†they say it all the time, but truth be told my writing seems to be improving. At least, my plot lines are. I’m not struggling as much to come up with the twists and turns in my stories, or the unique angles. Before I’d agonize over it, fearing it was too similar to what already exists. Now? Now I have more confidence, and it’s all down to reading in and out of my genre.

Has anyone else experienced this? And, knowing that my go-to genre is chick lit, does anyone have their all-time favourite novel that is non-chick lit or romance that they can recommend?

I’m trying to further expand my horizons, you see…


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