5 Reasons To Become An AirBnB Host

For a couple of months now, we’ve been on a journey to become AirBnB hosts. What is AirBnB, some of you may ask? It’s basically a house sharing service around the world. It allows you to stay like a local when you travel. I had the absolute joy of staying in AirBnB in both Scotland and Vancouver, and it really opened up my eyes to the possibilities of becoming an AirBnB host myself.

reasons to become an airbnb host

Then again, there are those that think opening your home to strangers is crazy talk, but let me explain.

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My Reasons to Become an AirBnB Host

1. Tenants Can Suck!

We had the delight of inheriting a tenant when we bought our house. Honestly, the tenant seemed great, but from Day One when we moved in it was a nightmare. No bones to the previous household owner (my friend!), because at the time the tenant was decent, had a job and paid rent. You know… the basics. Here’s the thing, if your tenant sucks, doesn’t pay their rent, etc., it’s a huge stress, can add financial strain and be a legal battle.

AirBnB? Even if I don’t like them, the tenant will only be with me for a very short window of time. Thanks be to heavens.

reasons to become an airbnb host

2. Flexible Guest Space

Our only spare room for guests is in the basement. Or the couch… but I’d rather offer my friends a proper bed. So, I either have a long-term tenant, or we have short term tenants via AirBnB and black out the dates when we have friends or family coming to stay. Hurray! It’s the best of both worlds.

3. Additional Income

While becoming an AirBnB host is not without its work (maintenance, hosting, cleanup, etc.), you’re hopefully looking at a bigger financial payoff than the costs associated with it. For us, we don’t need a tenant to make our monthly bills balance, but it sure would help put a little more savings in our bank account. That said, it’s going to require a bit more effort come tax season, so if you’re considering this, make sure you know what you need to track for your taxes and do it as you go. Nothing worse than getting to your financial year-end and lacking the paperwork you need to claim expenses.

reasons to become an airbnb host

reasons to become an airbnb host

4. The World At Our Doorstep

I’ve been a longtime traveller and have stayed both in AirBnBs as well as many other types of accommodation around the world. One of the best things about travel is meeting new people. While our new lifestyle (and our little one) might be changing the frequency with which we travel, AirBnB hosting will bring the world to us. I look forward to learning stories from other people, showing them the city I love and hopefully leaving them with an itch to return to Canada.

5. An Excess of Space

Up until a couple of months ago, our basement was being rented out. We don’t need the space. Having it back basically doubled our home, which was actually a bit overwhelming. We were so used to not using the basement that we just… didn’t. Now we’ve made it beautiful, so whether we’re hosting, or we’re actually decide to use it for ourselves, that extra space is ready to go. Now if only the same could be said for the rooms we actually live in!

reasons to become an airbnb host

reasons to become an airbnb host

Coming to Calgary? Stay with us on AirBnB!

Whether you’re coming from afar, or are pretty local, why not try out our AirBnB basement suite (all the photos in this post are from our rental)? We can take up to four guests, are family-friendly, situated close to downtown and are transit-accessible. We’re a stones’ throw from a delightful farmer’s market, have great parks on our doorstep and we’d be delighted to welcome you into our home. Not coming to Calgary, but know somebody who is? We’d love if you’d share our listing with them.

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And so the final question… would you ever considering becoming an AirBnB host? If so, sign up here to earn extra money on your first booking!

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