Blogmance – So You’re A Romance Writer, What Do You Blog About?

Credit: Mike Licht (Flickr)

Credit: Mike Licht (Flickr)

This question comes up a lot when I tell people that I’m a writer and I have a blog. Most of my friends, family and colleagues know that I write women’s fiction with a hint of romance, so as soon as I tell them that I have a blog, most people ask what I blog about? 50 hottest sex tips?

Um, no…? The people at work are shaking their heads right now.

To be fair, nobody has straight out asked me those questions… but you can see a glimmer in their eyes that hints at it.

When I went down the rabbit hole of blogging, I set out my intentions from the start. What are my main interests? Travel and writing. Hmmm… those two topics that I adore quickly became my weekly editions: Travel Tuesday and Weekend Writer (the word ‘weekend’ giving me the flexibility to post on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on my level of organization).

One might say that travel has nothing to do with romance – I disagree thoroughly. All of my novels to date are set around foreign locales. Personally, I find them much sexier to write about. That said, my travel articles are mainly about places I’ve experienced and am going to, tips on travel health and safety, and stories from the road. Why? Because that’s what I’m interested in. I’m the author. I’m the blogger. End of.

The second topic that I write about is… writing! I am continually learning, and I think it’s great to be able to share what I’ve learnt: the good, the bad and ugly. There is a huge online writing community that want to share with one another, so not only do I blog about it, but I get involved and read what others have to say. Case in point, I have a favourite blog for a go-to inspirational writing community.

Okay, so you’re a romance writer and you’re going to blog. What do you blog about? If you’re still asking yourself this question, these are my top three pointers which I hope will help you find your place in the blogosphere very quickly.

1) To Thine Own Self Be True. If you write closed-door sex scenes, turning around and writing racy how-to articles is probably not your voice. You do NOT have to write that which you are not. This is your author blog, you dictate what is important to you and trust me, your readers will know when you’re being inauthentic.

2) Write What You Know… Or Want to Know. Content is king, so if you’re planning to post even semi-regularly, you should be writing about something you know plenty about, or something that you’re interested in continually diving deep into. For me, I knew about travel and I’m learning about writing every day.

3) Voice, voice, voice. Location is to real estate what voice is to writing. This is your blog, it should have your voice. Whether you’re published or not, your blog is a way for current or potential readers to experience the way in which you write. Do just that. It shouldn’t sound like you went on ELance and hired someone to do it for you.

Good luck!

And in the spirit of sharing with one another, if you’re an author (aspiring or otherwise) AND a blogger, feel free to share the link to your website in the comments below.

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