Baby J is Seven Months Old

Dear Jack,

What a month you’ve had! You turned six months old and you decided this was the month that you would do everything. You would get teeth, you would learn to roll and you’d regress in your sleep after vaccinations. Oh, and you’re eating food! Seriously busy for one and all.

seven month update

Your Mum and Dad had great plans for a date night at the Calgary Stampede, but unlucky for us, the night before our date you woke every two hours, fussy as heck, and we were zombies the next day. You managed to sleep during the daytime. Us… not so much? And so date night got postponed.

Learning to eat has been quite the experience. You’re a champ with rice cereal, but hated all vegetables. I’ve already learned the skill of hiding vegetables in your food! We now do a 50-50 split of veg-cereal, and you’re learning to be okay with it. We’ve done carrots, avocado, blueberries, applesauce, cucumber, and most recently SPINACH! I was shocked at how much you enjoyed the spinach first time round. Just like your momma!

seven month update

With the weather picking up, I’ve tried to get you out a lot. We’ve gone to Heritage Park (one of my favourite places in Calgary), walked around Glenmore Reservoir many times and you’ve certainly gone around our local park frequently. We’ve even gone to a local splash park! Turns out that the water was pretty chilly, so after getting you all dressed up in a full body swimsuit a la 1930s, only your feet touched the cool water. Oh well. Put it down to life experience.


seven month update

I’ve toured a day care and am trying to find a home away from home for you once I’m back to work. Looking for a day care is like a full time job!

You’re teaching me A LOT about patience, flexibility and gratitude. Life doesn’t always go the way you plan, and that’s tough when you’re a planner like me. Things that used to stress me out are not even high on my stress-o-meter anymore. You’re teaching me that confidence comes by trying. We try new things every day, and while I start with some anxiety, it gets easier and easier. Where once I felt like I wasn’t a great mom for you, I now feel like I’m not too shabby.

seven month update

We’re heading into our final months, just the two of us, depending on when I go back to work. Hard to believe how much you’ve changed in such a short space of time. My hope is to make the most of the time we’ve got left, luxuriate in whatever sleep I can get, and enjoy the little moments with you… even if they don’t go as planned.

Much love,

Mum x


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One Response to Baby J is Seven Months Old

  1. Irma July 26, 2016 at 8:57 am #

    How is it possible for him to get even cuter every month??!!

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