Shiny New Story Syndrome

My name is Victoria, and I suffer from Shiny New Story Syndrome (SNSS).


Shiny New Story Syndrome

Definition: (noun)

1.When a writer struggles to finish the story they are working on, and is instead distracted by newer story ideas.

2. The writing equivalent of ADHD.

Am I alone in my suffering of SNSS? I feel like I get 75% through a novel, then I’m distracted by the shiny new story idea that has popped into my head. Before it gets loose, I feel I need to capture the idea with my invisible butterfly net and work it until it becomes something tangible.

What I need is some solid focus, but in our ever hectic lives, how am I meant to get that?

What I’ve been trying to do, to tame the SNSS beast, is to write a brief synopsis of the story idea that’s appeared, and promise myself that I’ll come back to it later. This has been my attempt to put the lid on the box. But it’s not working. I lie awake at night thinking about my new characters and what kind of mess they’re going to get into. It’s distracting!

Okay, so here goes. You, dear cyber-writing world, are my support group. I’m looking to you for advice and ideas on how to solve this. If it’s a ten step program, I’ll take it.

My name is Victoria, and I suffer from Shiny New Story Syndrome…

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  1. inka york July 4, 2014 at 3:03 am #

    Don’t ask me! Oh look, a squirrel! 😉

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