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When I was 18 and an au-pair in France, I remember doing a vision journal during some of my downtime. There were cut outs of the kind of home I imagined for myself, the places I wanted to visit, the types of parties I wanted to throw for friends and family, dishes I wanted to cook, the things I wanted to learn and the type of family I wanted to have. I’ll never forget when the mother of the kids I cared for said, “you have to pick one thing. You can’t have it all.”

I felt so deflated.

All the things I dreamed for, hoped for out of my life… I couldn’t have them all?

EditedLuckily for me, I’m a pretty stubborn son of a gun. I decided that HECK YES, I could get whatever I wanted out of life, as long as I tried my hardest. Sure, certain things are outside of my control, but as long as I put in some serious effort, I could have the wedding of my dreams (on a budget!), get a great job, work at making my home my sanctuary, improve my health (both mental and physical), and travel the world.

My travel styleIf you’ve arrived at Girl Tries Life, I hope that means that you, too, believe that you can have anything you want in life, provided you’re willing to try your hardest. Every single time that you’re knocked down, that’s your chance to get back up stronger than before.

If you’re looking for someone to be in your corner to provide accountability, challenge you to achieve your goals and motivate you en route, check out how we could work together in one-on-one coaching, as I’m a Certified Health and Life Coach.

Check out the Girl Tries Life podcast for tangible advice for living your best life. Every two weeks I give you micro-coaching episodes to tackle challenging areas of your life, and every other week I interview a woman who is living an incredible life and continues to strive for more.

On this site you’ll find resources to support and inspire various areas of life. If you love to travel, are looking to improve your finances, care about your health, want to know what motherhood is really like, dream of becoming a writer, or want cool projects to make or eat, this is the place for you.

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What I want more than anything is to create a community for women to be confident to live with vibrancy, to share their success and their vulnerabilities (don’t worry, I share plenty of mine!), and to support one another. So, if you want to share how you’re leading your best life or find some motivation, follow me on Facebook, or tag pictures of you taking on a new challenge using #girltrieslife on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If need inspiration for a new project, follow me on Pinterest. I’d love to follow your journeys.

Let’s support each other in our dreams and be the kick-ass ladies I know we already are.


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